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All About Shapes is a story that made it's only appearance in My Favorite Things. This story was told by Barney's good friend Joe Ferguson.


Mr. Circle's favorite game is basketball He likes basketball because he's shaped like a basketball. One morning, Mr. Circle got up and took his bath, brushed his teeth, flossed his teeth, and had a nice breakfast. He wanted to find someone to play basketball with.

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He started to go down the street. He rolled very slowly. While he was rolling down the street, he saw a very beautiful butterfly. He also saw flowers blooming. While he was rolling down the street he saw a little girl. The little girl was riding a yellow triangle. The little girl's name was Ms. Triangle. So he rolled up to the triangle and asked if she would play basketball with him today. Ms. Triangle couldn't play today. She was getting ready to go to her ballet lesson. Mr. Circle wished her a happy time at her ballet class.

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Mr. Circle didn't give up! He rolled some more. He was rolling down the street and saw a little boy and the little boy was real cool. He had two long sides and two short sides. His name was Mr. Rectangle. Mr. Circle asked Mr. Rectangle if he would play basketball with him today. Mr. Rectangle couldn't play today. He was going to the library to check out some books. Mr. Rectangle likes to read books because he's shaped like alot of books. Mr. Circle wished Mr. Rectangle a fun time at the library.

Mr. Circle still didn't give up. He rolled some more. He rolled down the street until he came to a square. The square had 4 sides that were all the same length. When Mr. Circle came to the square, he met all of his friends! All of his friends asked him if he would like to play basketball. Mr. Circle was glad to play with them.


  • Mr. Circle
  • Ms. Triangle
  • Mr. Rectangle
  • Square

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