Alissa Pibbin
Series Information
Type: Minor Character - (1995)
Main Character - (1996-1999)
Seasons: 3, 4, 5
First appearance: Twice Is Nice!
Last appearance: Barney's Night Before Christmas
Portrayer: Monet Chandler

Alissa Pibbin is the identical twin sister of Ashley who appeared in Seasons 3, 4 and 5. She was portrayed by Monet Chandler.

About Alissa

She and Ashley have a Mom and an "Aunt Rachel" who appear in the episode "Aunt Rachel Is Here!" in which it is revealed that Alissa and Ashley's Aunt Rachel is getting married and that Alissa and Ashley will be in her wedding. In the episode "It's Tradition", Alissa and Ashley reveal that their family celebrates their own holiday Sister Celebration since there's so many sisters in their family. It is unknown if Alissa is allergic to milk like her sister Ashley.


  1. Twice Is Nice! (first appearance)
  2. Barney's Talent Show
  3. It's Tradition
  4. Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
  5. Barney's Halloween Party (cameo)
  6. Aunt Rachel Is Here!
  7. Barney's Night Before Christmas (cameo; final appearance)


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