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Barney & Friends
A World of Music
Season 1, Episode 25
Air date May 8, 1992
Written by Mark S. Bernthal
Directed by Jim Rowley
Episode List
Carnival of Numbers
Doctor Barney is Here!

"A World of Music" is the 25th episode from Season 1 of Barney & Friends.


The kids wish they could travel to other countries to see them firsthand. Barney & Friends use their imagination to travel to Scotland, Israel, Nigeria, China, and Mexico, where hosts expose them to different songs, costumes, and customs. The kids hear music played on interesting instruments and learn new dance steps. They also learn that several of their favorite songs have roots in other lands.

Educational Theme: World Cultures and Music

Stories: The Ant and the Crumb


Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Airplane Song
  3. Dudy Hudba (Bagpipe Music)
  4. הבה נגילה (Hava Nagila)
  5. Oboom Hi-Am Somroow
  6. China (China International)
  7. La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance)
  8. De Colores (Of Colors)
  9. I Love You


  • This group (Min, Shawn, Luci, and Derek) also appeared in "Hola, Mexico!".
  • A gong sound effect replaces the normal "wink" sound effect at the closing shot of the episode.
  • Wardobe:
  • Just like Practice Makes Music, Barney's voice pitch is getting higher (starting with Barney coming to life when he says "You wish you could!").

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