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Barney & Friends Episode
A Perfectly Purple Day
Season 8, Episode 7
Air date September 23, 2003
Written by Perri Verdino-Gates
Directed by Ben Vaughn
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It's Hot! It's Cold!
Day and Night

A Perfectly Purple Day is the 7th episode from Season 8 of Barney & Friends.


Barney and the children plan a party for Colleen, using her favorite color, purple.


Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Mister Sun
  3. Mix a Color
  4. The More We Get Together
  5. The Idea Song
  6. A Perfectly Purple Day
  7. What Makes a Flower So Pretty?
  8. Gonna Have a Party
  9. Being Together
  10. Purple Party Medley - (Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Dee-Ay, The Muffin Man, Ring Around the Rosie, A Perfectly Purple Day (Reprise))
  11. I Love You


  • This episode marks the last appearance of Colleen. This is also the only time she appears with Gianna, Tony, Sarah, and Nick.
  • Sarah wears the same shirt in Read with Me.
  • This is 5th episode where no one says goodbye at the end even though that the Barney doll is used.
  • Colleen never appeared with any of the kids in this episode before, even though all the kids know her.
  • This episode is shown on the episode video "Perfectly Purple".
  • It is revealed that Colleen's favorite color is purple Just like Tosha's and Barney's.
  • BJ is seen on the DVD cover. But he nor Baby Bop don't appear in this episode.

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