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Barney & Friends Episode
A Camping We Will Go!
Season 1, Episode 22
Air date May 5, 1992
Written by Mark S. Bernthal
Directed by Jim Rowley
Theme Camping
Episode Guide
Hi, Neighbor!
A Splash Party, Please
A Camping We Will Go! is the twenty-second episode from Season 1 of Barney & Friends. It is a remake of the Barney & the Backyard Gang video Campfire Sing-Along.


Barney's friends wish to camp in the woods, and Barney makes their wish come true. While there, they meet woodland creatures, like a raccoon and a kookaburra. Luci also tells everyone a scary story which isn't really scary but truly funny. Then, the kids make smores before going home.

Stories: The Big Green Hairy Monster

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. A Camping We Will Go
  3. If You're Happy and You Know It
  4. Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends
  5. Sarasponda
  6. We Like Rocks
  7. Kookaburra
  8. Little Cabin in the Forest Green
  9. The Other Day I Met a Bear
  10. Scary Stories
  11. S'Mores
  12. She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
  13. Ricky Raccoon
  14. I Love the Mountains
  15. Star Light, Star Bright
  16. I Love You




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