Barney & Friends Episode
A Bird of a Different Feather: Hawaii
Season 13, Episode 8
Air date September 16, 2009
Written by Charlotte Spivey
Directed by Fred Holmes
Theme Hawaii
Characters Barney
Episode Guide
The Good Egg: Kenya
Bonjour, Barney!: France

"A Bird of a Different Feather: Hawaii" is the eighth episode from the thirteenth season from Barney & Friends.


Ben and Rusty are looking for items for superhero costumes, when Barney comes to life, wearing a tutu. Tracy comes in and explains that she needs to find a "bird of paradise" for a school project. Ben, unsure, tells her they're only found in Hawaii and what they look like. Barney then takes the kids to Hawaii, using his Travel Book. In Hawaii, they learn different words, how to make leis and even a hula dance. Meanwhile, Ben and Rusty search for the bird, with a few close calls (a feather and what ended up being a coconut). During the Luau, it's revealed that the "Bird of Paradise" is actually a flower, not a bird. Ben, believing that it was a bird earlier, is shocked to hear that and appologizes to Rusty for getting him caught up in things. In the end, it all ends up just fine.

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Laugh With Me!
  3. Here We Go Again
  4. The Rainbow Song
  5. That's What an Island Is
  6. If I Lived Under the Sea (Scene Taken from: Barney's Beach Party / The Best of Barney)
  7. Flowers
  8. Hula in the Morning
  9. The Friendship Song
  10. I Love You


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