Major Events

Barney & the Backyard Gang

Barney Songs

Cast & Crew



Executive Producers




Music Director


  • Stephen Bates Baltes

Other Crew

  • Doug Wilson (Editor)
  • Tony Metcalf (Offline Editor)
  • Shirley Abrams (Casting Director)
  • Jamie Ruth Conner (Art Director)
  • Tom Adler (Audio Director)
  • Bob Dracup (Lighting Director)
  • Bob Driskell (Lighting Director)
  • Tom Adler (Audio)
  • Nena Smarz (Makeup Artist)
  • Bonnie Clevering (Hair Stylist)
  • Travis Tyre (Scenic Painter)
  • Nettie Weber (Scenic Painter)
  • Randy Moore (Stage Effects)
  • Grady Bishop (Third Coast Stunts)
  • Anita Dallas (Set Decorator)
  • Beverly Girou (Production Assistant)
  • Alison Smith (Production Assistant)
  • Kevin Tarleton (Scenic Assistant)
  • Travis Tyre (Scenic PA)
  • Nettie Weber (Scenic PA)
  • Don Clark (Set Assistant)
  • Steve Jordan (Set Assistant)
  • Nome (Second Assistant Director)
  • James Johnson (Studio Assistant)
  • Larry Baker (Assistant Director)
  • Terrie Davis (Assistant Director)
  • Okowita (Set Designer)
  • Kerry Rike (Key Grip)
  • Juan Romero (Best Boy Grip)
  • Carl Stitt (Grip)
  • Bill Greenburg (Electrician)
  • John Jacobie (Electrician)
  • Kent Land (Electrician)
  • Dwin Towell (Technical Supervisor)
  • David Boothe (Post Production Audio Supervisor)
  • Laurie Harmon (Script Supervisor)
  • Craig Arneson (Scenic Supervisor)
  • Dave Holman (Animator)
  • Linda Johnson (Animator)
  • David Boothe (Music Mixer)
  • David Boothe (Music Recorder)
  • Michael Haines (Audio Engineer)
  • Randy Breedlove (Video Engineer)
  • Scot Hamil (Video Engineer)
  • Cindy Speer (Video Engineer)
  • Chris Brock (Camera Operator)
  • Jay Burney (Camera Operator)
  • Eric Norberg (Camera Operator)
  • Victor Sosa (Camera Operator)
  • Stacy Brownrigg (Boom Operator)
  • Michael Henning (Boom Operator)
  • David Smith (Boom Operator)
  • Daniel Clear (Crane Operator)
  • Chris Thornton (Crane Operator)
  • Mary Dennistoun (Production Office Manager)
  • Robin Mulford (Floor Manager)
  • Terrie Davis (Floor Manager)
  • DeDe Dunham (Wardrobe Manager)
  • Nick Felix (Choreographer)
  • Sarah Larr (Choreographer)
  • Penny Wilson (Choreographer)
  • C.J. McCormack (Property Master

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